Kimberly Crittenden, also known as KIMMD was born in Dallas, Texas.  She was raised in Oak Cliff just a few blocks from the Dallas Zoo.   She has always been inspired by her surrounding and family to reach for her dream goal of serving as a physician.  She is a board certified OB GYN delivering babies and meeting women's health needs through out San Antonio.  She prides herself on having diverse interests and talent.  She speaks Spanish, plays piano, writes poetry,  draws, paints,  and creates music.  KIMMD’s music contains cutting edge lyrics about real life situations.  As an Obstetrician Gynecologist, she is exposed to a multitude of life experiences that has allowed her to see the world from a variety of points of view.  Her songs cover different aspects of entanglements from being a “Side Chick” to having "No One Like Mine".  There is a plethora of emotions experienced in romance and KIMMD sets you up for the “Roller Coaster of LOVE.”  She also has a single release focused on the business side of self-improvement entitled “Get It”.  Her collections of albums focus on self-motivation while also still exploring the many dating opportunities in life and the many different "situationships".  She is dedicated to provide you with an out of the box view of physical and emotional bonds developed in love and lust. She wants to open your eyes to what is occurring around you, your family, and friends. You may think she’s self-absorbed but she is just self-confident and she urges you to love yourself enough to know the difference. You've already heard that she’s a “Catch” but what you don't know is that now she is “On the Prowl”, a yin searching for her “Yang”. Love can get a serious “Hold on You” but unfortunately, we all know that even some good things come to an end.  Sometimes you just have to say “Goodbye” and recognize that you had a “Good Run”. Her daughter also wrote one of the songs which will amaze you to be created from a 14 year old.   She urges you to listen to all of her songs including her first album and experience a love you never knew existed.